Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Packaging Up My Resources

When it comes to fitness apps and resources many people want an all inclusive, one time download, one login source for every piece of information they will need. While some websites come close, no one place is ever enough for the average person. I'll admit that I used to expect to find every aspect of fitness and healthy eating all in one place. Take note: I USED TO!

Recently, as I've gotten more serious about being healthy and fit, I have found that you cannot expect a one stop shop with all the answers. By pulling from a variety of places I have finally started to take strides instead of baby steps. This being so I decided to share my package of resources for those of you out there who are still thinking in my old way.

The best way to get in the right frame of mind to understand why it is important to use various resources is to think of it like your birthday. Lets jump back to the 90's and say you opened up a new walk-man. (I know how excited I was when I got my first one) This is cool and exciting and you're already thinking about how great you'll look when you walk through the neighborhood using it. But wait, having a walk-man isn't so great unless you have a CD to listen to. And you can't very well listen to a CD without headphones. Once you've memorized every single song on your N'Sync CD and played it so much you can't stand it you will need another CD to occupy your ears won't you?

Hopefully you see where I'm going here...but if not:
The walk-man is a calorie counter app you downloaded on your phone. It is great and wonderful and you track everything you eat each day. You've lost a pound or two but if you really want results you need to workout, which means you need another place to find workouts you'll love or in our 90's birthday scenario: the CD. But how much better would your results be if you focused on the balance of carbs, protein and fats you need along with the calories? And what about how much that run took out of you that you now need to eat in order to hit your counts for the day? Enter headphones. Once you've been at it for awhile you plateau, you've got to mix things up to continue seeing results. How do you do that? You need a new place to find workouts or recipes, or a new CD.

Now that you've got the picture here are the resources I have been pulling from. When it comes time for my new CD I will be sure to update. Take them one at a time, unwrap them, play with them, take the time to get comfortable and then open the next.

My Fitness Pal - App & Website
Allows me to track food and exercise. The website is much more useful than the app, but the app allows me to enter my food as soon as I eat it so I don't forget later on.
Favorite: The website aids in my meal planning so that I can make sure that what I plan on eating will meet my needs. It's easy to add, remove and adjust servings on the website so I can enter a whole day ahead of time if I want.

My BodySpace and Website
The body building website is an awesome resource for full workouts, exercises, meal plans, total fitness plans, information on supplements and recipes. The BodySpace allows you to set and track your fitness goals and connect with others through groups or friendships. It is a great place to network, find inspirational people, ask questions and hear about others successes.
Favorite: I love that I can find a total workout routine to download but if there is an exercise I can't do or don't like it gives you options of other exercises which will work the same target area. Makes swapping things out but still getting the same result very easy.

Ask the Dietitian - Website
This is the resource I used to really learn and understand what my body needs and why. There is tons of information to help you understand any and all thing body/diet related.
Favorite: On the site you can find body calculators that not only spit out a number but also tell you why the numbers are what they are and if they are good or bad for you.

Hope you all enjoy!

What resources are your favorites??

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