Friday, October 12, 2012

Funny how things change...

Challenge of the week 3 update : So I've done well not eating out, but not perfect. I had Panera for lunch yesterday, I would explain why but really what's the point in an excuse? Other than that it's been yummy homemade breakfast lunch and dinner for me all week! I actually made an awesome grilled chicken salad the other night that I am going to make again to perfect the recipe to share with you all. :) I get semi-creative in the kitchen when need be.

Baked sweet potato and salmon dinner

So now that I have been at my first full-time with a college degree job for almost 6 months I've been thinking a lot about how different things are from this time last year. It's still amazing to me how quickly things change. One of the more stunning changes I've had recently is my dedication to working out and running.

Sure I've always been active with sports my whole life but now that I no longer belong to teams I have to actually block out time for the gym and plan workouts...very different than showing up, listening to you coach and in most cases not even thinking of practice/games as a workout. Besides that I didn't really like the whole go to the gym, make my own workouts etc and especially hated going for a run. I hated running because I would get bored so easily when I tried to do it.

That being said...Yesterday I signed myself up for my first official 5k! Quite the turn of events for the girl who hated running! I have to say I'm a little nervous, kind of excited and quite scared. Regardless, it can't hurt to try it once and see how it goes. Hopefully I'll be ready and will hit a time I'm proud of...but we shall see I guess.

I have until October 27th to be ready!

The race I entered was the T3 Run in Towson, MD. After finishing a 2.8 mile run yesterday in just over 28 minutes I figure I can shoot for 35 min or under for this race. I just need to make sure I keep running and fully prepare myself.

Anyone run 5k's regularly?

How do you prepare?

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