Monday, October 8, 2012

Finding Motivation...

Challenge of the week #3 : Do not eat out at all Mon-Fri.
This weeks challenge is inspired by not only my wanting to save a little cash but also the fact that I will be traveling every weekend this month and eating out. While eating out is convenient and a good social go to, it puts a dent in the wallet and often in your diet. Many places are preparing more healthy menus, or as they often call them 'Skinny Menus'. These can be great in some places, but often its only a smaller portion of another meal with the same preservatives, high sodium sauces and less of the white pasta. While swapping fries for a side salad can make a difference the preservative, sodium and who knows what else is still sitting on your plate. By cooking at home you allow yourself to not only control the portion but also use fresh ingredients and recipes that are better for you.
Healthified Impossibly Easy Chicken 'n Broccoli Pie..yum!
EatBetterAmerica is a great resource for delicious, healthy recipes.

October Weekends...

...mine are packed full this year! I just returned from a nice little two day get away in Williamsburg, VA for the weekend with my love. It was much needed time away for the both of us and a great chance to spend some alone time together. :) I'll share some of the photos from the weekend later on this week, including some of our more than sweet free condo!!

Next weekend it's off to Delaware for a wedding before a work trip to Palm Springs the following weekend.

..Dang I'm a busy girl!

In the midst of all this traveling I need to find time to do a little research on prepping for a 5K. I've decided to run my first one some time in November, possibly a thanksgiving day turkey trot?

After being away this weekend the motivation to get up and hit the gym this morning wasn't quite there but I did pack my bag and will be going after work. Running a 5K next month is definitely a motivator for the long term but the day-to-day motivation is a little lacking...especially when the cold weather has hit out of no where all of the sudden! I'm going to try a kickboxing class at my gym this week and hopefully keep that as a weekly routine.

I think I need to find something fairly routine to keep me going. It seems I waiver between super motivated week to less motivated week. One week I'm kind of lazy so the the next I'm extra motivated, then back to kind of lazy where I feel guilty and it's back to super motivated and so on...

How do you stay motivated to workout?

Do fitness classes/group workouts help you get moving on the more lazy days?

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