Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cooking, Freezing, Eating.

So let me just start of by saying that food, closely behind sleep, is one of my favorite things. I love cooking/baking and am finally starting to have more time to try new recipes. Like many fellow internet junkies I have found numerous recipes on Pinterest. Today I was perusing and found an awesome pin that lead me to a blog entry focused on freezer meals!

Natalie, author of A Turtle's Life for Me blog, posted Freezer Meals on the Cheap and as I read I was instantly excited to try out her idea! She explains in this entry how to prepare freezer meals, and we are not talking enough for 1 day or 1 weeks worth of meals, 46 different meals! Crazy impressive right?

Photo from A Turtle's Life for Me Blog post titles Freezer Meals on the Cheap

Not only does she prepare all these meals at once, but she does it without spending a fortune and in only 4 hours. Think of all the '30 minute quick dinners' you've made. 46 of those would take you about 23 hours total! Imagine cutting that to 4 hours of prep and about 10 minutes to heat each time you need a meal. While I love cooking, it is the time of year when I would rather start baking. Following Natalie's idea would give me way more time for baking and still leave me with healthy delicious meals! Check out her blog everyone, hopefully you find it just as exciting as I have :]

Speaking of baking...

This year for the holidays I've decided to go for a 'handmade' gift theme. For those in my family who are a little harder to buy for I'm opting for homemade beef jerky, apple butter, apple sauce, pumpkin rolls and festive cookies. Those recipes, or maybe I should call them experiments, will be coming soon! (Always have to test run foodie gifts ahead of time!).

Pumpkin roll          apple butter
A Pumpkin roll & apple butter are first on my list of recipes to try!

And while we are on the topic of food...

I'll be heading to Williamsburg tomorrow with my love for a weekend getaway. I'm very excited to go to the winery and try out some restaurants down there. The winery has a tour package that includes a lunch so that may be on the to-do list!

Any one ever been to Williamsburg and found a great restaurant?
Do you prepare freezer meals to save time? Whats your favorite meal to prepare this way?

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  1. Hi Bailly! Thanks so much for the shout out! I hope it helps you fit more baking in... I would never want to keep anyone from that! : )