Saturday, September 29, 2012

Let's Talk Fall

Challenge of the week 2 update: Green tea had always been a love of mine...but so has coffee! I am almost out of k-cups but am thinking I might switch to tea when they are gone until I run out of the massive amount of tea bags I've got left. :]

So it's been officially fall for a whole week now!! This is my by far favorite season. I mean come on how can you not love fall? Sweaters, beautiful trees, amazing scents, boots and moccasins..I could go on for days.

I've been in my first apartment for a few months now & was excited to finally be able to ad some fall decor. I ventured to Ross & TJ Maxx for some supplies. I know that doesn't sound like the typical decor supply store but trust me there are some great finds! I like to check out these stores before hitting Micheal's some times. I was able to make this lovely table decor piece for right around $10!

I'm still looking for some fall place-mats but it adds a nice touch of fall. This is a very simple decor idea anyone (yes, even the less crafty of you!) could create.
1. Buy a vase, some sort of fun focus piece (bird), a bag of fall items and a candle.
2. Add an array of the items to the vase until it is full.
3. I then took the rafia from the fall items bag and a ribbon I had stashed away and wrapped them around the vase.
4. Set the items on the table in an arrangement that faces the direction where most people will first see the table
and you're done! Easy 5 minutes, no stress! :]

Another reason I love fall beside the decor and scents I now have on my table is the weather! It's been so gorgeous out lately. I've continued to go to the NCR trail and run. I gave two miles a try the other day and shockingly finished with a time of 20:23! Exciting considering I haven't run that distance without stopping in more than 3 years.

What is your favorite part of fall?
Do you decorate for the fall in your home?

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