Sunday, September 23, 2012

Challenge of the Week #2

I've got a wonderful job doing exactly what I love. I have time in my life to enjoy life, relax and drink some wine. I've found my best friend in a man who is more than perfect for me. I've reached all the goals I've worked toward so far in life. What do I do with myself now?

That was the question that nagged me the first months after graduating from college...and I'm proud to say: "I've got the answer!"

Now is the time to dig deeper, explore and define myself. College was an opportunity to really learn about and find myself, now I get to mold and shape myself into an even better person than I originally imagined.

I've started challenging myself every week to do one thing that I've been thinking about or attempting to do but never actually doing/completing.

Last week my 'Challenge of the Week' was to exercise everyday from Sunday-Friday. I started off with a run on Sunday, hit the gym on Monday and Tuesday, Ab workout on my bedroom floor Wednesday, back to the gym on Thursday, and an easy stretch & walk on Friday. Surprisingly it was easier than ever to motivate myself as the week went on. I even went for a run today before grocery shopping without having to convince myself!

This week I plan to keep up the workout regime, and begin my second 'Challenge of the Week' - Swap one cup of coffee a day for green tea. Oh and of course I plan to celebrate my 22nd birthday to the fullest! :]

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