Thursday, January 31, 2013

Commitment Issues

And so the cycle continues....

"I'm going to make a change starting now" "This time it's for real" "No more excuses" "I'm more motivated than I've ever been" "Starting fresh this time" Blah blah blah!!

& this time I will say enough is enough. But is it?

I've wanted to be healthy. I've tried to eat well and exercise and get into better shape and boy have I started this goal over and over and over since last May. Not once though have I been able to follow through for more than a couple weeks. Why? Oh let's see what lame excuses I've used..."Just one day of scrapping the plan will be okay" "I will do an extra hard workout tomorrow instead of going to the gym tonight because I'm tired" "I missed working out Monday and Tuesday so I'll wait until next week and start fresh" "I don't want this food to go to waste so I will eat it even though I should be eating better" and the list goes on.

When will it stop? When will I really hold myself accountable and stick to the plan I made for me?! It's not like someone else is telling me to eat better and workout, I'm tell me. I'm also allowing myself to slip out of that plan and make excuses. When will I want it bad enough that I won't give up just after I start?

The Healthy sELF Challenge will be my next (and hopefully last) attempt to get started on the right foot and get myself into living a more healthy lifestyle for good. The support and motivation of the other individuals taking the challenge will serve as a continual reminder for me and I hope that through this challenge I will be able to meet and connect with others who have been where I am and can continue to be a resource and support even after the challenge is over. Can't wait to get started!

Cross your fingers for me k? & if you read this come back and make sure I'm sharing the changes I'm making...if you don't see any updates then comment, tweet, email whatever you have to do to yell at me because I'll deserve a kick in the butt if I don't stay committed this time!

Want to join the Healthy sELF Challenge with me?
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