Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gettin' Rollin'

The HealthysELF challenge started on Monday. I also decided that Monday was the day to really kick healthy eating and working out into gear. All or nothing right?

Yesterday I began a 12 week fitness program I found on that looks very doable for me. They have a variety of programs that you can follow as well as all kinds of exercises you can pull from to create your own program. I also love that their website has such a variety of resources that relate to overall fitness. The name is a little deceiving when you really look at what the site has to offer, there is material there for everyone from body builders to fitness activists to someone who has never worked out before.

I'm following the Live-Fit program designed by trainer Jamie Eason. It includes a diet portion but I've decided to just use the workouts and tips. I've spent a good bit of time learning about eating right so I think I can handle that part of it on my own with a little more flexablity than her menu offers.

The Tricep & Chest workout yesterday was great. When I left the gym I definitely felt it in my arms but the entire thing was very doable. Tough but doable.

I also made a healthy version of taco salad last night that turned out really good. I used ground turkey, much less taco seasoning than normal, left the sour cream out of my guacamole, skipped the cheese, crumbled a couple tortilla chips instead of a tortilla bowl and significantly cut down on my dressing, as well as using a lite red pepper dressing rather than regular ranch. Yumo!

Tonight will be the Bicep & Back workout...I will admit it's been a slow day at work which is making me want to just go home and lounge, but I won't. I won't. I won't! This time is for real and I know I can do it :)

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